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Handling mold spores demands safety measures along with professional equipment to perform this work. This work, in addition, must be performed by a real professional, because many factors are at risk.

Did you know that mold can be very toxic? There are various levels of toxicity, depending upon what kind of mold it is. However, while many are not harmful, they can still trigger severe illness, such as coughing fits and, in the worst case scenario, lung cancer. Tip Top Restoration is aware of all the problems involved in eliminating mold: rest assured that we will look after it, so that you do not have to deal with this complicated job.

If you are not sure if there is mold in your house or on your business property, call us. We have professional assistance 24 hours. Our workers are also trained to answer all your concerns and offer tips so that mold, as soon as we have removed it, does not return. We'll do the hardest part: As long as you keep all locations and surface areas of your home and business property dry and tidy, mold will be less likely to come back.

Our service focuses not only on completely removing any kind of mold, we in addition tidy and decontaminate all locations that were exposed to mold. In addition, we will get rid of any type of bad smell brought on by this situation. Once we supervise of this situation, your home or business property will be in excellent condition. This job is executed by extremely trained professional technicians to deal with any problems that may occur in this process.

What is black mold contamination?

You can find mold spores inside, outside and even in your house. Mold is a Fungus and the best place for mold is a wet surface. Some mold spores are so small that you can’t even see them easily. For people with allargies, this is a complication that must be solved as soon as possible, because mold grows very quick and it can turn into a big complication.

You can avoid a mold scenario by eliminating water leaks in your house. You may find a leak in your roof, on your plumbing system or perhaps in your kitchen and bathroom, in order to getting rid of any sign of moisture. Also, it’s not that hard to see or smell a mold problem.

Mold looks like colored mucous spots that increase quickly and gradually.

- The seal on the refrigerator door;

- Surfaces on and around air conditioners;

- Window moldings;

Mold remediation process at my home

Do you suspect that mold has already appeared in your house? Do not wait anymore; call a specialist to remediate this fungus. Black mold is a terrible problem for any family, especially if you have small children, because black mold can harm the health of any person. Every day the area affected by mold grows, what can lead to high costs for remediation in the future. The first thing we need to do is to remove the moisture source.

You can be sure that all the mold will be completely removed because all our professionals are certified. And the final and the happiest step is clean up: this is a very important part of the process because mold in the same areas can contaminate your house again and again! So, when you see the final result you will probably think that you have never had problems with mold before.

These mold spores can grow, when is not properly cleaned,  if moisture builds up in the room. Killing them is the only way to prevent this. 

What a mold removing services will do at home?

Remove mold.

Clean up all inffected surfaces.

Get rid of bad smells.

Eliminate humidity.

Improve your air quality.

Mold contamination: Moisture and water

If you keep all surfaces in your house dry and clean, it will be much more difficult for mold to return. Some people try to take care of their mold complications using remedies that we do not recommend. Many people often use vinegar or bleach in order to kill mold. However, mold always come back, as these products do not kill mold. Also, bleach and vinegar are made of water, and water is the main factor that allows mold to appear.

As we said, moisture is the main reason why mold grows. To prevent mold from returning to your home, you must remove the damaged materials. Your home will no longer face a similar problem in the future, since we are considering a certain strategy of the possible further occurrence of mold in your house. Clean and mold-free materials will replace what was previously contaminated. 

After remediation, we will search for any signs of recurrent water damage, moldy odors or visible mold to ensure that our cleanup has been complete our mold remove process. 

Why mold is detrimental to your lifestyle?

Did you find mold in your residence? Is your home currently generating different and unpleasant smells? You must call us, if that is true. Mold may have a substantial impact on our health and it is vital to get rid of it.   Water damage may cause Mold complications that may infest your home, causing severe damage to the integrity of your home if left untreated.

If you come across mold, our experts are ready and waiting to help revive your home back after our mold removing! We begin by performing environmental inspection followed by an entire restoration plan for your home. Rapid, professional results are guaranteed by us! It is going to be like we’re not there.

Any “dormant” mold spore can become active at any moment.

Did you know that mold spores can remain dormant for years? If the ambient temperature is optimal, and there is enough moisture or water on a surface, a "dormant" mold spore can activate at any time and grow rapidly.

Black mold remediation services

One of the most dangerous kinds of mold is black mold. It is extremely unsafe that you are in a moldy room. In fact, you shouldn't stay in one place with mold for more than 48 hours. Especially if we are talking about a black mold complication. This type of mold, particularly, is difficult to remove. If black mold appears in your home, seek professional help as soon as possible. Black mold can affect not only your health, but also your home.

Thinking about getting rid of mold on your own?

If you are considering this option, we recommend that you think twice. Carrying out this delicate task requires expertise, accreditations, professional equipment, as well as following the necessary security measures to remove mold professionally, safely and effectively.

Mold spores can severely affect your health

Mold can seriously affect the quality of the air you breathe, as well as your lifestyle and health. Some of the most common mold health complications are coughing fits, insomnia, infections, breathing problems and, in the worst case scenario, lung cancer.

Mold removing and remediation: 10 Signs of Mold Infestation in Your Home



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